About Us

Our Story

Çobo family has been preserving the best of the land and the vineyards for about a century now. Across Berati’s lands and secretiveness, Çobo guards the 2400-year-old spirit of this town distilled in one-over-the-other bottles. 

After the ‘90s, Çobo vineyards warmed up to the sun all over again in the spirit of cultivating the best grape varieties, staying true to the tradition. From 8’000 bottles to 100’000, the love for the wine is way more than all of the grape pips across the whole vineyard.

Along the road in the county of Berat, an old city in the south of Albania, ÇOBO winery brings a lifetime family tradition wherever you are! Having your favorite wine with you everywhere has never been this easy.





Our Philosophy

We convey an experience of our philosophical life dedicated to our identity and approach to quality through a glass of memorable wine. Connecting with one another and becoming a family with our visitors by sharing our intimate history is our No.1 pleasure.

We aim to thrive every day by bringing stories and experiences that matter to the table. Of course, accompanied by an unforgettable blinding taste of our precious wines.

Connectivity at us starts with a drink. Get connected with the taste of our unique drinks with memorable Aroma of our ÇOBO products.

Our Philosophy is Quality & Identity.