Our Fests

The power of celebration, throwing its roots within our soul! 
Are you ready for Harvest Festival 2021? 

Give thanks for the blessing of a bountiful harvest and to mark the recurrence of the process. Lets make peace with nature and show our appreciation to everything we took for granted throughout the past years! 
We are part of nature. Let’s celebrate with it, whom we truly are! 

P.s: The harvest season falls at different times, depending upon region, climate, and crop. 

Last Saturday of April - Feast of the first leaves. 

The first grape leaves have already bloomed, and this is worth celebrating in Berat, where the leaf festival has become an annual tradition.  
Famous people of politics, art, culture, media, as well as ambassadors, are expected to become part of the festive evening in nature, where after enjoying the traditional cooking of the area, japrak that is skillfully prepared by the housewives of Berat. 

Known for the production of the best wines in the country and abroad, is turning into an annual tradition the celebration of the first grape leaf and the beginning of their opening, which then paves the way for the ripening of grapes, wine production, which concludes with the feast of its tasting.